Explainer Video / Infographic Video 101

Having worked with our clients over the last 5 years we’ve realized that not many companies understand how to make explainer video a.k.a. infographic video. This is not only copying other videos and change its logo like buying stock images or videos. It is all about branding meaning your video must align with your brand identity in terms of its messaging and brand look. This video is showing a deeper level of how plusalpha or other motion graphic studio works with our clients. Showing this video I am sure you will understand why it is important to work with infographic specialists like us. If you want to see more videos or our end results, pop in our website or our Vimeo channel below the links


“The more you understand about your product, the better quality video we can produce. Studying about your brand and product is the first thing we must do before any production starts.”

Gio JinCreative Director